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Antibacterial Range

Health, Hygiene and Sterilisation have always been important buzzwords in the Ear Piercing market. Now, one Ear Piercing Equipment manufacturer has a new word and a new product to add to the list that is set to revolutionise the industry; Antibacterial. Working alongside Medical Professionals, Estelle Ear Piercing has formulated a new top-secret Silver alloy which could spell the end of post-piercing irritation and infection.


For some time, the medical profession has been exploring the use of Silver as an Antibacterial agent, finding uses in almost every area from Hospitals to the Household. It is now commonplace to see Plasters or Band-Aids with impregnated Silver on shelves in supermarkets and pharmacies. The Antibacterial properties of Silver (caused by the Silver Ions attaching themselves to the DNA of microbes and inhibiting cell replication) make it an ideal choice for turning into Ear Piercing studs.

Estelle Ear Piercing is one of only a handful of Ear Piercing Equipment manufacturers worldwide, distributing to over 40 countries and piercing an ear approximately every 10 seconds.  Working alongside experts and its sister company House of McCue Ltd (a manufacturing Jewellers), Estelle has finally managed to perfect the recipe for its Sterling Silver studs that combines the natural Antibacterial properties with strength, durability and lasting-shine.

“One of the reasons Estelle Ear Piercing has grown so quickly to become an international brand is because of customers all over the world value the Sterilisation and Hygiene of our products. In our market, being a UK based manufacturer is a massive boost, but with this new range, we’re going far beyond even the UK and  EU Health & Hygiene regulations”

says Company Director Sean McCue.

Estelle Ear Piercing launch their new website this month to coincide with the launch of the new Antibacterial range and the company are expecting them to be a huge hit.

“Silver studs have always been one of our best sellers, especially when set with Swarovski crystals.  The new Antibacterial range is the same great products, just with a fantastic added benefit. The best thing is, not only are these products revolutionary, but we’re also keeping the price point in line with our other ranges, so they even better value.”

Needless to say, this game-changing recipe is kept firmly under wraps and is known to only a few key people in the company!